Act Five Courses

The Academic Program for Act Five

The following four courses will take place over the course of the year and are each equivalent to what would be expected in a first year of university. Learning spaces will be outside the typical classroom, taking place at dining tables, living rooms, riverbeds, campsites, cafes, and churches.

All courses are fully accredited, university-level Redeemer courses, designed specifically for Act Five.

The Six Acts

This course looks across the unfolding of the biblical story. It will help students understand their place in that story and to live out of it in their personal and public lives, their studies, and their engagement with, and response to, the competing stories around them. This course will invite students to not only think about the story in new ways but to practice it together.

Place, Home & Land

Does it matter where we are from? How does where we live shape who we are? Should we protect our rivers and forests and farms? Why should we care for what happens in the city, in our neighbourhoods, and among the Indigenous communities that have known this land long before us? And why is a home so important? This course seeks to wrestle with these questions under the belief that places matter a great deal to God and that how we live as Christians cannot be separate from caring for our land, homes, and neighbourhoods.

Stories of Faithfulness

As we seek to live in the Fifth Act of the Drama of Scripture, we continually need to be learning from, and listening to, stories of faithfulness – from those who came before us, those who live around the world, and those from right here. This course invites students to hear stories that offer new perspectives on how others have wrestled with how to participate in God’s mission in diverse ways. The hope is that these stories will inspire and shape how students imagine their own Christian life in each of their contexts.

Vocation & Praxis

A one-term training experience in local for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, trades, or other opportunities. This experience is designed to give students an opportunity to practice engaging in the city, deepen their understanding of needs among marginalized populations, witness how others are living out a Christian vocation in their workplaces, and assist them in making post-secondary and/or career decisions.

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